Est. 1977

BANKSYI was born in the 70’s… a decade I remember nothing about. The 80’s on the other hand, that is a decade to remember. I am the father of four adorable children and husband to my lovely Proverbs 31 high school sweetheart. The majority of my days are filled with delusions of grandeur; often imagining I am the fictional 1930’s adventure archeologist Dr. Henry “Indiana” Jones Jr., the pilot of a Firefly class ship, or the leader of the rebellion against the Galactic Empire. I am unabashedly Christian, which is quite acceptable for someone who is a full-time worship pastor. I am tired of church as usual and the path the modern American church has taken. Hopefully my thoughts will cause you to think. The opinions expressed on this site are mine and mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of my church, wife, our kids, our golden doodle, family members, or friends. If you are easily offended, put on your big girl/boy panties. Offense is for the weak.

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