American Church: Get Divorced… From The Government.

Marriage License

The rhetoric from both sides of the so-called “gay marriage” debate is nothing short of detestable. The “tolerant left” and the “Christian right” are spewing out hateful and hurtful hot air at a fever pitch. And… it is exhausting. How many bridges have you, as a Christian, burned? Is your opinion so important to you that you have to get it out there for the world to see, regardless of how much influence you lose? And to the non and liberal Christian; is your rainbow profile pic so important to you that you risk the chance of souring your relationships with those who do not agree with you? Your false sense of caring and your skewed sense of love is prideful at best. “Look at me! Look at how tolerant and excepting  I am!” “If you disagree you must be a close-minded country bumpkin.” Please… With that being said, lets get down to the brass tacks on the matter.

The church, whether it be intentional or non-intentional, has cared far more for the government’s definition of marriage than they have God’s definition of marriage. This is where we, as Christians, are wrong. Most Christians think of marriage as just a legal contract, almost exclusively in a civic sense. Which explains why the divorce rate among those claiming to be Christian are just as high or even higher as non-Christians. (Really the only thing a Christian needs to divorce is government.) Maybe Christians are afraid same sex “marriage” will threaten the sanctity of their fourth marriage? Marriage is not a legal institution justified and made legitimate by the state. Marriage is a spiritual institution given its legitimacy by God through an officiating Christian minister. It is a lifelong monogenist commitment between one man and one woman as defined in the Old and New Testaments. The government’s definition of marriage should not matter in the least to a believer. To belabor the need for a constitutional amendment for a definition of marriage to come from the highest echelons of government is a poor witness and only lends credence to government, implying its legitimacy is higher than God’s. It ultimately places government above God’s authority.

A minister friend of mine conducted a wedding for a very devout Christian couple and forgot to mail the proper paper work to the state. The couple received a letter in the mail requesting the paper work be mailed in. In a panic the couple contacted my friend fearing they were not really married because the paperwork for the state was not filed. They actually thought they were living in sin because of this. This is a Christian couple who stood before their congregation and made a marriage covenant before God to one another. This is what we have come to as a church. Where a marriage license, which is just a tax, is held in more esteem than the Word of God. This is a heart issue and idolatry problem. For more on that read my blog entry called American Jesus And The Religion Of The State. 

So the next time you find yourself calling for America to repent, maybe you should be a little retrospective. Perhaps God is calling for you to repent? The next time you feel the need to call for political action you should remember that this Supreme Court ruling has presented a grand opportunity for the church to divorce government once and for all. A chance to sing a sovereign anthem to the King of Kings and not a king. An opportunity to serve in the King’s court and not the jester’s. A chance to follow the wind of Holy Spirit and not the winds of political theatre. Christianity is not a political action committee. Remember this: We are strangers. We are aliens. We are not of this world. Our hope isn’t in a nation-state or its laws. Our God isn’t government. Our hope isn’t government. Our destiny isn’t government. Ours is a new covenant. Our citizenship is HIS kingdom. Our definitions of sacred institutions aren’t defined by any person, regardless of position or appointment. Start meditating on God and His Word and stop being a shill for government and its dictates.

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